primeissimple Side Effects of Eating Too Many Tomatoes

Side Effects of Eating Too Many Tomatoes

Tomatoes, technically fruits, enrich curries, sauces, soups, and pasta with their nutrient-rich and healthy properties. The health benefits of tomatoes need no explanation; they are well-known around the world for being among the most highly nutritious fruits. Tomatoes are encouraged to be part of one’s diet, as they have proven to be of great use in terms of health.

The fruit’s health benefits include fighting against cancer, improving skin and hair health, regulating blood pressure, and improving heart health. It is recommended if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, to have a fair amount of tomatoes every day.

However, just like any other thing, having too much of anything is not good. This applies to tomatoes as well; they have dangerous side effects when consumed in excess. The effects vary from digestive troubles to even diarrhoea, as well as kidney problems and, in some cases, body aches.

Studies have shown that having tomatoes in excess may cause serious harm to one’s body. Hence, they need to take them in the right proportion. In this guide, we look at some of the side effects of eating too many tomatoes. Read on to find out more.


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Side Effects of Eating Too Many Tomatoes

Kidney Stones Are Sometimes Effects of Eating Too Many Tomatoes

As surprising as it may be, it is a proven fact that eating too many tomatoes often leads to the building up of kidney stones in the body. According to a study, a tomato is very high in calcium and oxalate. When it is consumed in excess in the body, it is not easily and quickly metabolized or even removed from the body.

The result is that they begin depositing in the body, which will eventually lead to the formation of kidney stones. It is advisable to always check with health experts about the right amount of tomato fruit your body may take before causing harm to yourself unknowingly.


Joint Pain as a Side Effect of Tomatoes

Consuming the tomato fruit could lead to swelling and pain in the joints. The cause of this is the presence of an alkaloid called solanine. This compound is capable of building up calcium in the tissues. Eventually, it will cause inflammation.



The tomatoes in your kitchen may be carrying the bacterium Salmonella. This bacteria causes diarrhoea, hence the need to properly wash your tomato before eating it. Even studies have shown that tomatoes are among the top ten bacteria-prone fruits. One needs to be careful when handling them to avoid such a situation. However, in people who do not have tomato intolerance, diarrhoea is very rare.


Lycopenodermia: A Side Effect of Tomatoes

This is a condition whereby the excessive amount of lycopene in one’s blood may cause discolouration of the skin. Even though lycopenodermia is good for your body in general, when consumed in quantities higher than the 75 mg per day required, it may lead to lycopenodermia.



This fruit also contains a compound known as histamine. This can cause skin rashes and allergies when consumed in excess. This is especially true for people with allergies related to tomatoes. Consumption may cause severe side effects like swelling of the mouth, tongue, and face. It is advisable to always check with your doctor about the right amount of tomatoes to consume.